Top Elements of a Great Film

Top Elements of a Great Film

Top Elements of a Great Film

Movies have been entertaining audiences for many years now and have become a channel for storytelling. There are movies that can evoke serious emotions, other tell tales that happened in times past or motivate viewers. You can either learn from a movie or be entertained. At the end of the day, movies can be used for a diverse number of purposes depending on the story, the actors, picture cars, props and the film crews.

How do we know what makes a film to be categorized as one of the greats? Each aspect of filmmaking contributes to making a film memorable and the sum of the pieces usually is much greater than each piece.

1. Script

A great movie depends on a great story that involves a lot of elements such as conflict, twisting different stories of individual characters to flesh out the story. All these come together with the dialog and subtext that help to pass across the message. A great plot is more than sufficient to keep people entertained all through the movie. Most audiences just want a great story they can relate to. As long as the plot is enjoyable and doesn’t feel crowded, then it could be a hit. With the right mix of conflict, success, dialog and the plot, a great movie can be born.

2. Great characters

Characters bring the story to life. Watching a movie has a lot to do with relating to the characters in the movie. The main protagonist is important to a movie in that if people love the main character, the movie is most likely going to do well. The main character and their costume and picture cards are the stars of the show and drive a great movie.

3. Theme

All great movies have a clear message that the audience is meant to take away. The theme is usually weaved into the story and flows from the story in a way that the audience can easily identify and relate with it. A great theme goes with the audience even after the movie is over and leaves a huge impression.

4. Visuals

This includes things like the camera works, lighting, choice of location and set, costume and props. Picture cars also fall in this category as elements that can make a movie stand out from the crowd, staying memorable for years after. A movie producer that pays attention to detail always does a good job of ensuring that the costumes, props, set, picture cars all match the type of movie being proposed.

5. Sound

Great movies are known for the impressive amount of effort that goes into making them sound the way they do. A good movie has sound that is totally immersive with ambient sound being carefully chosen to accentuate all the scenes. Sound effects also make a movie as epic as possible, giving it depth in a beautiful, tangible sort of way. Music, sound effects all contribute to making a movie great.

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