Top Car Stunts in Movie History

Top Car Stunts in Movie History

Top Car Stunts in Movie History

The beauty of stunt drivers in movies is the way the stunts come together in intricate driving sequences that leave you to jaw-dropping wonder. There are some movie franchises that are well known for their car chases and stunt drivers like the Fast and Furious series.

Each movie comes with its own over-the-top picture car action sequence that stays with the viewers long after the closing credits. Here are some of the best car stunts that we have seen in movies.

“Police Story” (1985)

Jackie Chan made a name for himself with the amazing action sequences performed by stunt drivers in this movie. The opening sequence in which Jackie Chan chases some bad guys after a gun fight is nothing short of breathtaking. This sequence involved plenty of destruction, havoc, fires and so much action that it was closely replicated in “Bad Boys 2” by Michael Bay. This remains one of the most memorable examples of what stunt drivers can accomplish.

“Tomorrow Never Dies” (1997)

This James Bond movie was not the most successful, but it showcased a fun car chase that culminated in a jaw-dropping stunt with Pierce Brosnan crashing the latest BMW Bond car off a building roof and inside a car rental shop at the other side of the street. The quality of the stunt drivers brought out the best of a seemingly unremarkable car park in Hamburg.

“Fast Five” (2011)

You cannot put together a list of car stunts without touching on the Fast and Furious movie franchise. This franchise is best known for its amazing car stunts which get more elaborate and death-defying with each new edition of the franchise. In Fast Five, lead actors Vin Diesel and Paul Walker use their cars to drag a huge bank safe through the roads of Rio. Even though some CGI was used to make the scene even more spectacular, it does not belittle to amazing work that the stunt drivers put into the scene. This is also one of the most destructive movie sequences in history with more than 200 picture cars destroyed in the chase. In a franchise with so many outstanding accolades for stunt drivers, this is one car stunt that stood out.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (2011)

This movie franchise isn’t too big on car stunts but Ghost Protocol stood out in its use of stunt drivers. One of the most iconic scenes was Tom Cruise’s character driving a car vertically into the ground to save time. There was also a car chase in the Burj Khalifa that involved some smooth driving in a sandstorm with poor visibility.

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