Top BMW Picture Cars That Featured in Movies

Top BMW Picture Cars That Featured in Movies

Top BMW Picture Cars That Featured in Movies

No doubt, BMW is one of the most amazing brands of picture cars. The manufacturers have been working tirelessly over the decades to build a car that combines sportiness with class. Meaning that, BMW is an evolving picture car. This has earned them popularity with numerous movies directors as well as buyers that recognize the exceptional features of the cars. In fact, some elegant actors have attained a level of confidence and coolness by stepping out of a Z8, a M5 and many other BMW picture car of repute.

Some of the well-known actors such as OO7 has driven a BMW and has greatly contributed to the quality of the movie production. This article presents the top BMW in movies.

Goldeneye featuring BMW Z3

The first BMW picture car surfaced in the year 1995 with a new actor, Pierce Brosnan. The BMW Z3 is an excellent picture car that featured missiles, parachute as well as other intriguing functionalities.

Tomorrow Never dies featuring BMW 750il

After two years of production of the movie called tomorrow never Dies, Bond replaces the convertible picture car with the luxurious BMW 750il. This picture car is very classic and luxurious at that particular time. In fact, the car is self-driven; Bond was able to control the operation of his phone. It was indeed a science fiction back the in 1997. Today, this feature would not be anything exceptional as the world has experienced remarkable technological advancement.

The world is Not Enough featuring BMW E34

In the movie- The world is not enough, the BMW E34 was featured. The movie was produced in 1999. In the movie, the car was cut into two by a chainsaw bolted under a helicopter sending the picture swiftly to its doom.

Ronin featuring BMW E34

Another great film that features BMW picture car is Ronin. Those that are very familiar with Ronin will remember the film starring Jean Reno and Robert De Niro. The car pursuit scene in the movie is one of the best in cinema. The picture car used in this film is the fascinating BMW E34.

The transporter featuring BMW 7 series

The transporter is one of the great films that will always ring a bell. The film features Jason Statham as the pilot of the BMW 7 series. Jason Statham’s piloting of the BMW 7 –series in the film cannot be forgotten easily. He possessed a good kicking and punching skills.

The Hire featuring various models of BMW

It will interest you to know that some of the top movies that feature BMW picture cars were not produced by the studio of the Broccoli family situated in the United Kingdom neither are they produced in by Hollywood. The BMW worked in conjunction with some reputable producers to put together an amazing entertaining series of short online movies that features Clive Owen as an expert driver. The Hire is a film divided into eight parts and two seasons. The film features the most amazing picture cars of BMW and it is worth viewing.

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