Stunt Cars in Movies: 5 Things People Are Not Aware Of

Stunt Cars in Movies: 5 Things People Are Not Aware Of

Stunt Cars in Movies: 5 Things People Are Not Aware Of

Have you ever considered the kind of modifications made by filmmakers to enable a car make an impressive jump? And have you ever considered how the awesome moves by the expert stunt drivers are filmed? How about the difference between a normal car and a stunt car and how the manufacturer designed the cars you see on screen?

The design of the vehicle and stunt that is performed on the screen requires lots of planning and a high level of expertise. You should be aware that a lot of efforts are put into everything right from the planning stage to the construction of the car. Also, a lot of meticulous planning is involved in filming the stunt drivers as well as the stunt cars while in action.

However, some directors take safety very seriously. The safety of the stunt drivers as well as the entire crew is very vital. Therefore, a lot of efforts are also put into making the cars and stunts as safe as possible without sacrificing their thrilling effect.

If you are well familiar with films like Mad Max, Fast and Furious, James Bond or any other film that features great stunts by stunt drivers and you are curious about what goes on behind the scenes, then this article is specially for you. Here are the five things people about stunt cars in movies that people are not aware of.

Patenting a Jump

The Jump of James bond in The Man with the Golden Gun was remarkable as it sent an AMC Hornet rotating 270 degree over a damaged bridge. The stunt has earned recognition as one of the most impressive ever accomplished as the car was not modified in any way. Hence, the producer therefore filed a patent for the jump.

Unplanned driving

A lot of preparation is necessary for most car chases and car stunts. It is necessary to close down the roads and fill them with drivers who are aware that a film is being shot. This kind of preparation is important for the safety of the stunt drivers as well as the general public.

The French director Claude Lelouch didn’t shut the roads when filming his short film called C'était un rendez-vous which means ‘it was a date’. He drove dangerously with his stabilized film camera attached to his Mercedes Benz 450SEL. The film was not planned and everyone featuring in it was not part of the film but a member of the general public.

Crazy Stunts

The fast and furious is a film that is famous for its car stunts. Nearly all stunts you can think of are done in the fast and furious. Stunts including landing a car on the yacht, near misses with a train, dragging a bank vault along the streets and many others.

Basic Modifications

Majority of the cars used for chases in movies have been greatly modified. These modifications are made regardless of the role the car will play whether the car will be used for fast driving or extreme stunt. Some of the modifications are the replacement of the car frame with heavier steel which allows the car to withstand heavy hits and fitting of the stunt cars with heavy roll cages to protect the stunt drivers as well as the car during a roll over stunt.

Longest Stunt Jump

Kenny Powers is a stunt driver that attempted the longest stunt jump. He was the stunt driver that replaces Kenny carter at a very short notice. He attempted to drive a Lincoln continental over a mile – long - section of St Lawrence River that divides the United State of America and Canada. After about five years of planning and spending over a million dollars, the car could not complete the jump, it crashed. The stunt driver came out alive but got his back broken in the process.

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