Staying Safe as A Stunt Driver

Staying Safe as A Stunt Driver

Staying Safe as A Stunt Driver

Stunt drivers have gone through serious training over a long period to be as good as they are. With so many killed or injured by motor vehicle accidents every year, there has been more focus on safety precautions for people that spend a lot of time on the road. This is what helps to reduce accidents and injuries across board. Whether you are a stunt driver or not, there are tips that any driver can follow in order to stay safe when they are driving.

Don’t drink and drive

Intoxication is one of the top killers when it comes to driving. If you must drive, do not drink at the same time. Always make sure that you have a designated driver. Most driving companies also make sure they check for drunk drivers before they are allowed on set to drive.

Wear a seatbelt

You never can tell what would happen when behind the wheels so once you are on the road, the most important safety feature holding you from serious injury or death if an accident occurs is your seat belt. Using a seat belt at all times gives you a stronger chance of survival than if it’s not used.

No children moving around the car

It’s not advisable that children or passenger should be involved in a stunt driving scene or shoot. In the event that children and passengers are involved, they should be buckled at all times. These situations require a bit more caution than when it’s just the driver involved.

Minimize distractions

All drivers are encouraged to focus on their driving and reduce distractions such as using a cellphone or texting while driving or eating. Losing control of one’s motor vehicle can be quite dangerous as it takes just a split second to have an accident. Distractions are also more likely to lead to an accident where the motor vehicle does not have modern safety features installed such as auto-lane detector, early collision warning and so on.

Be a defensive driver

Defensive driving isn’t as slow as it sounds, it just means that you should be more mature and attentive during driving. This includes paying attention where the road leads to, keeping a safe distance from the driver in front of you, keeping an eye on blind spots and being cautious during lane changes and turns, being conscious of bikers while driving and obeying state traffic safety laws.

Get plenty of sleep

Sleep deprivation is a common reason why accidents happen. Having more sleep helps drivers to stay better awake and avoid making mistakes that usually lead to car crashes and sometimes death. If you feel sleepy, you should not be operating a motor vehicle at any speed. It is advisable to either sleep in the car or to get a coffee and wait by the roadside till the sleep passes.

Precision Drivers Atlanta is a community of stunt drivers that are well trained with the highest standard of road safety whether you are shooting a high-speed chase or ordinary flowing traffic on a street. We also offer drivers that can carry out all types of maneuvers and sequences for your production.

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