7 Places to Get Affordable Photography Props

7 Places to Get Affordable Photography Props

7 Places to Get Affordable Photography Props

Getting cheap props in Atlanta should not be difficult. Featuring props in Atlanta can make a remarkable difference in your photographs no matter your level of expertise. The fact is most props available through online photography stores are not pocket-friendly. There are some props that are worth spending extra money on while there are other alternatives for the props that are not available outside the prop’s store.

By looking for props that are not expensive, you have the opportunity of picking more items thereby adding more varieties to your stores. Also, you can decide to save the money after going for the inexpensive props in Atlanta.

This article presents you with some amazing places you can get your photography props cheaply. In fact, many of these places where you can get affordable photography props are right in your neighborhood. Here are the seven places you can get affordable photography props.

Craft stores

Craft stores are excellent place to get props in Atlanta. By –the-yard fabric functions as a fantastic color and texture addition to the photo shoot of a new born. It can also serve as a small backdrop for a small product as well as a person. Items that are easy to locate at craft stores are bins, baskets, headbands, burlap, flowers and chalkboard signs. These items come with affordable prices but do not forget to carry out a quick search online before going to the store.

Hardware stores

When you check the Hardware stores for your props in Atlanta, you save some money in the process. though props from hardware store may need to be assembled, it is still a cheaper way of getting your photography props. Reflective white plexi can serve as an excellent backdrop for product photography.

Garage sales

Another fantastic place to find props in Atlanta is garage sales. Though it requires lots of time commitment, great props can be found here at a very cheap price. At garage sales, you can get trunks, old suitcase, chairs at low prices.

Thrift Stores

Thrift store are like multi-family garage sales that are available al the year round. A thrift store is a place where you get fantastic props in Atlanta for just a few dollars. At thrift stores, you can get household items that can also serve as props like vases and baskets.

Flea Market

You can liken a flea market as a combination of many garage sales in a single place. The flea markets are excellent places to find props in Atlanta. Flea Markets do not require visiting multiple garages thereby reducing the time spent shopping for props. Items that can be found in Flea markets are trunks, Chairs, Crates and many more.


Craigslist are online specified sites that can be used for searching a specific photographic prop. This is a better alternative because it saves quality time. Rather than wasting time scouting thrift stores and garage sales around, you can spend few minutes searching for whatever you are looking for on the online craigslist.

Estate Sales

Estate sales are great place to locate props in Atlanta. They are fantastic places to find vintage items, larger props such as settees and chairs and many others.

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