7 Facts You Never Knew About Stunt Drivers

7 Facts You Never Knew About Stunt Drivers

7 Facts You Never Knew About Stunt Drivers

Years after seeing an action movie, we tend to forget most key events that happened in it. But what we never forget are the action scenes - the nerve-racking, nail-biting, pacy and high-risk pictures that stick almost permanently to our memory.

On the screen, we see the stars completing outrageous stunts that seem almost impossible for any normal person to perform. Well, it is actually impossible for a "normal" person, to perform those stunts. The real people who brought us so much joy and excitement were extraordinary beings called stuntpersons.

Today we would deal solely with stunt drivers, who are stuntpersons that perform their tricks solely with the use of cars, motorcycles, trucks or other vehicles. Most people think they know a lot about the life of stunt drivers. The reality is the life of a stunt driver is a tad more complicated than you would have imagined. Let's take a look at just how complicated it gets:

1. They were not all born as daredevils:

Not all stunt drivers were early risk-takers. A good number of them were just like the average person, living a life filled with fear and uncertainties. Some stunt drivers develop the passion for the risky job a long time after childhood.

2. They occasionally come close to death:

Because of the nature of their work, stunt drivers experience occasional brushes with fatal events. There is a reason people are advised not to try the car tricks they see in movies. At some point in their career, stunt drivers get to a point where one error could mean certain death.

3. They transform into specialists:

As if expertise in enacting near-death experiences wasn't specialized enough, most stunts men eventually rely on their reputation as specialists in certain tasks. These tasks include a car rolling over, turning on its side, soaring through the air, crashing, drifting, etc.

4. There is nothing they wouldn't try:

When stunt drivers arrive on set, it is not uncommon for them to have no idea of what awaits them. Consequently, they had to be willing and prepared to perform any car stunt, no matter how crazy or difficult it is.

5. It's not all fun and games:

Film crews do their possible best to provide a safe environment for stunt drivers, but on very rare occasions things get out of hand. Accidents are bound to happen in any profession. Stunts drivers have already accepted the occasional broken bones or grazed skin as part of the job description.

6. They are very cool-headed:

Contrary to popular belief, stunt drivers are not hotheads who live only in the moment. A stunt driver has no business getting nervous before or during a shoot. They have to continually go through multiple rehearsals in other to reduce their nervousness.

7. They train constantly:

While becoming a stunt driver involves a great level of training and experience, this alone is not enough to assure a blissful career in the industry. Stunt drivers have to train as frequently as athletes even before they are offered jobs.

Now we know a little more about the amazing stunt drivers and how most of them live. Despite any surprises the above list might have caused, one thing is for sure - the life of stunt drivers is and will always be exciting.

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