Qualities of a Good Prop Master

Qualities of a Good Prop Master

Qualities of a Good Prop Master

One of the toughest jobs in movies is getting props that are to be used on set for movie production. The prop masters are the ones in charge of purchasing, fabricating and managing most of the props used on stage productions or movies. This is a job that requires a lot of creativity so that you can get the best props in Atlanta for your production.

1. Creativity

Prop professionals have a knack for making the simple things work. This means looking at ordinary things and using them to make the materials you need. For example, a popular props maker once mentioned how she was able to make a race car for a theatre production by using foam, some wires and a game console. Another aspect of a prop master’s job is trying to know what the actors want and how they want to interact with the props.

2. Shopping experts

Shopping for props in Atlanta requires becoming savvy in identifying budget items and discount materials that can be used for the production. Instead of spending many hours looking through art galleries, getting quality props in Atlanta actually requires plenty time on sites like eBay to find deals. It takes a while to become an expert at shopping for props in Atlanta and knowing where to check for them. The best props come from the most unlikely of sources which is a skill that comes with time.

3. Multiple props

A good prop must have plenty backups so that in case there is an accident, production is not disturbed for too long. Depending on the kind of movie or theatrical production, props can malfunction. When this happens, there must be a backup prop available for immediate deployment to prevent any undue break in transmission. A good prop must be durable and also have backups so that production can go smoothly.

4. Excellent organization skills

Prop masters are extremely organized and always have an eye on the props department to make sure that everything is labeled correctly and kept in their correct place. They also have to be on track of production in terms of anticipating what the directors will need. Even when there is a new need for a prop, being prepared is also a good quality of good prop masters. In cases where there are surprises too, a good prop master is also able to get the necessary items quickly.

5. Taking care of animals

Animals can also be props in a movie and the props department is responsible for keeping them in check. Prop masters usually hire an experienced animal handler or vendor who will work with the production crew to ensure that their needs are met. Sometimes fake animal props are also needed during the production which the prop master has to take care of.

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