Handy Car Gadgets You Should Have in Your Car

Handy Car Gadgets You Should Have in Your Car

Handy Car Gadgets You Should Have in Your Car

Whether you are going on a road trip or you want to use your picture car for your job as a stunt driver, there are some gadgets you should have in your car to make your ride enjoyable and convenient. Have a look at this list of the best car gadgets you should have in your car and this applies to regular cars and not only picture cars driven by stunt drivers.

1. Self-Powered Jump Starter

Jumper cables are only useful if there is another vehicle nearby to give yours a jolt. Other than that, if you find yourself alone in the middle of nowhere all alone, jumper cables are useless. This is why you should get yourself a self-powered jump starter that you can use if there is no car close to you. Some jump starters even come with USB ports which you can use to charge your mobile devices.

2. Dash Cam

Dash Cams are useful for figuring out faults in an accident. A good dash cam will capture images in a high-quality format, record GPS location of where an accident occurred and saves videos on impact. A dash cam helps keep you safe, and it can also be used to record time-lapse videos during your trip if you pass through beautiful scenery.

3. Radar Detectors

Traveling in a picture car on an open road will make you want to go over the speed limit, and of course, this would mean breaking the law and paying huge fines. There are radar detectors that you can use to detect radars in the vicinity so you can know when to tone down your speed a little.

4. Handpresso (Coffee Maker)

Most of us cannot go a day without having a cup of coffee. If you are on the road and far away from your favorite coffee shop, the handpresso is a useful gadget that will come in handy. Simply plug into the cigarette lighter in your stunt car and fire away with making your coffee.

5. Rear Vision Backup camera

With a backup rear view camera, you will be saving your car from dents. You only have to install the camera somewhere above your license plate, and then the camera sends video via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to your smartphone. So you do not need to install an additional screen in your stunt car's electrical system.

6. Audio Cassette Bluetooth Adapter

If you have an old car, you can get a Bluetooth cassette adapter so you can play music wirelessly directly from your smartphone's music library. You can as well use it to make calls hands-free.

For more information about the types of gadgets that you should have in your picture car, contact Precision drivers of Atlanta on 470 234 0605 or send an email and we will schedule you for a free appointment about getting your car in the best possible shape or for use as a picture car in a movie production.

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