A Guide to Movie Prop Collecting for Beginners

A Guide to Movie Prop Collecting for Beginners

A Guide to Movie Prop Collecting for Beginners

There are collectors for all kinds of items like stamps, comic books, baseball cards and even dolls. Many people collect movie props in Atlanta and over the years have acquired some of the most exclusive movie and television props to curate extensive collections. Movie props used to be collected by a small set of people who have connections to the movie studios and access to their warehouses. Today however, if you want to start collecting movie props in Atlanta, it’s not so difficult.

The internet has brought more exposure to the props industry and many people now access to the props and movie memorabilia through different auction houses and websites. If you want to start collection movie props, here are some pointers that will help you along the way.

Props collecting is quite pricy but not outrageous

A lot of people think that selling or buying movie props in Atlanta is an expensive hobby and they are not wrong. Movie props are typically sold for a premium because a lot of them are exclusive and have just a few in existence. This factors into the asking price for the prop. There are however other props that you can buy early soon after the production of the movie ends and before the scarcity starts. If the movie is a big hit, props will get more expensive as they get scarcer.

Collecting Hero props

A hero prop is one that is use by the main character in a movie or spends lots of time on screen. Generally, only few pieces of a hero prop are made. Chances are there would be a few stunt props made as backup to the one-of-a-kind prop. You can buy these for less than the price that the hero prop will be sold for and if it’s a really good movie, you will be able to get a good price for the prop later if you decide to sell.

Learn about replicas

There are collectors of real movie props and there are replicas. Only the real prop used in the movie is a genuine prop, others are replicas. Both have their places and value with collectors, but you should also know how to distinguish between the two. Replicas also have levels of quality to them. There are a lot of replica makers in the film industry. This isn’t completely legal especially as some of them don’t own the rights to the movie or to make replicas for sale. If you choose to purchase a replica, make sure that you’re buying one of the highest quality, scarcely indistinguishable from the original so that you can get value for it in the future. Also, be able to tell the difference between real props and replicas when collecting props. Also meet with other people that collect props in Atlanta to learn more from their experience.

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