5 Worst Movie Cars

5 Worst Movie Cars

5 Worst Movie Cars

Most of us love movies, and what makes most action movies tick are the picture cars used in them. Movies that feature lots of picture cars are always a favorite because they define the action in the movie. Remember the Fast & The Furious? It was beautiful seeing Paul Walker (of blessed memory) cruising around on these picture cars.

However, there is equally some truly pitiable car flicks out there, and below is our list of 5 of the worst movie cars made. But always remember that was is another man’s meat is another man’s poison. So, this is open to debate, and you may like the one that will don’t like.

1. Race The Sun

Directed by Charles TKganis; Debuted in the year 1996

  • What went wrong

    For a movie that features Jim Belushi and Halle Berry, one would have expected something better. The story is about a solar racing team from a high school who finish in 18th position. It is similar to October Sky in Hawaii. A mere looking at the photo of this car, your imagination should give you an insight.

2. The Wraith

Debuted in 1986; Directed by Mark Marvin

  • What went wrong

    It is similar to the real Fast and The Furious, boasting a street-racing gang. But just when you would have expected Vin Diesel to drive around in a rugged DSM, what he had was nothing comparable.

3. Transformers – Revenge of The Sun

Debuted in 2009; Directed by Michael Bay

  • What went wrong

    Michael Bay’s quality is making a huge sum of money by influencing people to watch a movie that practically unwatchable. Like the original, It’s all about a couple of look-alike robots destroying pieces of metal off each other—something that no one understands if you are following the intricacies that characterize the Transformers movies.

4. RPM

Debuted in the year 1998; Directed by Ian harp

  • What went wrong

    It is a surprise that during our research, we discovered that there is no Wikipedia entry for the movie RPM. Even the Webbers and the Alarmist all have Wikipedia entries. Why doesn’t the RPM have a Wikipedia page? It's a clear case of conspiracy on the part of Courtney Cox in an attempt to make people forget about the film, even though the cars were great. But the acting was terrible, and the star actor, David Arquette, it was a terrible film despite, the picture cars.

5. Driven

Debuted in the year 2001; Directed by Henry Harlin

  • What went wrong

    We believe if Henry Harlin should look back on his track record, this is probably the worst film he has ever produced. The large flop and failures regarding the cutthroat island and the adventure of Fort Fairlane provided a mixture of poor acting, convoluted plot and crappy CGI, all combining

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