5 most expensive movie props ever sold

5 most expensive movie props ever sold

5 most expensive movie props ever sold

As movie fans scramble to purchase and keep a piece of cinema history, the value of movie memorabilia has grown massively. Most of the props mentioned in this article had languished in store for many years at movie studios before savvy folks realized their worth and began trading them at auction.

Presently, a lot of businesses engage in the sale of props from films to TV shows, making sure that we continue to enjoy our obsession with such memorabilia.

Here are 5 of the most expensive movie props of all time:

1. Robby the Robot from the movie Forbidden Planet: $5.375m

Robby the Robot made its film debut in the movie titled “Forbidden Planet” in 1956. Later on, it makes an appearance in the Addams Family and the Twilight Zone, becoming the most expensive movie prop ever to be sold at Bonham’s New York on auction. It is one perfect prop that movie buffs would love to get.

2. Aston Martin’s DB5 James Bond: $4.6m

Who doesn’t like James Bond series? The Aston Martin is one of James Bond slick prop which appeared in Thunderball and Goldfinger. It was bought by a collector named Harry Yeaggy in 2010. There is unlikely to be any picture car in Orlando that can compare to the Bond car which is every stunt driver’s dream.

3. The Dress of Marilyn Monroe from The 7 Year Itch

If you are looking for the most expensive movie costume ever sold, it is from Marilyn Monroe. The dress is an iconic one from the 7-year Itch, a movie that was shot in 1955. The dress was sold from a collection of Hollywood costumes collected by actress Debbie Reynolds. The dress was sold at a Los Angeles auction in 2011 for $4.6 million.

4. The Maltese Falcon statue: $4.1m

Here is another great movie from the legendary John Houston featuring the Maltese Falcon statue. The statue came into limelight in a 1941 movie which saw Humphrey Bogart performing as detective Sam Spade. The movie was directed by John Houston, and it became one of the most expensive pieces of movie props when it was sold at auction at the cost of $4.1m. It was sold in 2013. The statue is typically regarded as the real prop used in the film. That is why its value skyrocketed. However, some plaster copies have been put forward as likely candidate for the original pros.

5. Racing Suit from the Movie Le Mans: $984,000

Anytime you pictured Stephen McQueen in his famous racing suit, you would want to watch the movie Le Mans over and over again. The suit is one out of three surviving outfits that featured in the movie, Le Man, shot in 1971. The suit was sold in 2011. It is even more amazing that the first owner, Timothy Davies Timothy who resides in Wolverhampton, for well over 40 years, and he has been using it ever since he was 12 years old. It is an ideal suit for stunt drivers looking to imitate great movie start racers.

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