5 Great Movie Props In History

5 Great Movie Props In History

5 Great Movie Props In History

Iconic movie props are quite famous for their ability to make us laugh, scream- either lightly or loudly, sunk in absolute silence, gasp and winning us silently with the truth. It is reasonable to keep our eye on the five great movie props in movie history? Sure, although, you should not take this for being obsessive, we just feel it is cool to have them place on a smooth horizon. In our list these are 5 great movie Atlanta props in movie history.

1. The Lightsaber, Star Wars (1977)

The lightsaber was first used in Star Wars and over the years, it has become one of the most iconic props in movie history. The energy sword from the Star Wars galaxy has appeared in all if the Star Wars movies as the primary weapon of the Jedi. Over the years, there have different variants in the video games and movies, but the iconic status has never been in doubt. It is arguably one of the most popular movie props of all times. It is also one of the most commercially demanded movie props in Atlanta.

2. The Golden ticket, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971)

The original golden ticket was pretty much gold foil paper and was part of a treasure hunt that qualified the finders to a tour of the famed Chocolate Factory. This prop has gone on to cult status and is the origin of the popular phrase “golden ticket” that is still used today to signify something that gives you a great opportunity.

3. The Origami Unicorn, Blade Runner (1982)

David Snyder happened to be an art director and the Terry E. Lewis was the head property master of the movie production. Terry was the one that commissioned the origami unicorns. The plan of the movie producers was initially to make the origami unicorns out of disposed chewing gum paper but this made them look odd before the final decision to use metal foil which also had a nice delicacy to it.

4. Wilson, Cast Away (2000)

One of the best things about the Wilson ball in castaway was making the cardboard boxes stay together during the shoot and also getting the ball to age over time. The movie ended up having several balls made for the production with each one aged by the effects team to look the shipwrecked part.

5. The Bone Club, 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

The bone club was another great movie prop that featured in the 1968 classic movie. The writer of the movie, Arthur C. Clarke in a recent interview joked that the idea came from playing with a broomstick which he decided to fashion into a bone for the movie scene.

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