5 Awesome Movies Featuring Mercedes Picture Cars

5 Awesome Movies Featuring Mercedes Picture Cars

5 Awesome Movies Featuring Mercedes Picture Cars

Mercedes Benz has always been known for its outstanding attention to detail and engineering, as well as a symbol of luxury and performance. This has also characterised its role in movies as a picture car, appearing only in the biggest blockbusters as the show piece and an integral part of the cast.

We will be looking at some of the best cameos of Mercedes in recent movies that left us in awe of its wonderful looks and performance.

1. Jurassic World

This was the biggest release of 2015 and was the first time the world laid eyes on the brand new Mercedes-Benz GLE 450 AMG Coupe. Before the movie came out, the car was closely guarded from the spotlight. The GLE came to Jurassic World with its other Mercedes buddies like the G-Class SUV, AMG 6x6 and the Unimog. Given the expense of Jurassic World’s budget, little wonder only the best of the best would do.

2. Jack Reacher

Tom Cruise was the ultra-cool operative in this action movie and was the co-star of one of the most amazing car chases in movie history. He drove a Mercedes-Benz C280 Sport in the car chase from Buckingham Palace to Southwark Bridge. This was one of the longest and most elaborate picture car scenes that ever graced London town. The car came out of the chase looking quite beat but it was well worth the time and effort

3. The Rookie

Clint Eastwood’s classic 1990 movie saw the movie great get behind the wheels of a Mercedes, driving it through a window and into another warehouse’s skylight. Part of the reasons why this movie was so iconic for the Mercedes brand was that it inspired the next media campaign tag line “engineered like no other car” which proved extremely successful for Mercedes in that era

4. A Good Day too Die Hard

Bruce Willis came to the party in the last installment of the Die Hard series and he came bearing lots of Mercedes friends. In that movie, more than 70 Mercedes picture cars were used in different scenes. One of the most intriguing car chase scenes featured Bruce Willis chasing a huge US Cougar Mine-Resistant Ambush vehicle using a Mercedes Unimog. He later swapped that for a G-Class SUV with Jai Courtney tagging along in a souped-up Mercedes Sprinter van.

5. Fast and Furious series

Blink and you just might miss some iconic Mercedes picture cars because of the sheer volume of cars used in the series. In Furious 7, the Mercedes G-Class was the villain’s preferred means of transportation. Also, for those who stayed for the post-credit scenes in Fast Six, Jason Statham used a 1992 Mercedes-Benz S-Klasse to ram into Sung Kang “Han” which killed him.

6. They are very cool-headed:

Contrary to popular belief, stunt drivers are not hotheads who live only in the moment. A stunt driver has no business getting nervous before or during a shoot. They have to continually go through multiple rehearsals in other to reduce their nervousness.

7. They train constantly:

While becoming a stunt driver involves a great level of training and experience, this alone is not enough to assure a blissful career in the industry. Stunt drivers have to train as frequently as athletes even before they are offered jobs.

There are few car brands than can elevate your movie from ordinary to unforgettable and Mercedes has some of the best picture cars that can fit into any category that you need them to be.

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