Everything You Need to Know To Be A Stunt Driver

Everything You Need to Know To Be A Stunt Driver

Everything You Need to Know To Be A Stunt Driver

Do you always feel at awe when you see how cars are being driven in movies by stunt drivers and you wish you were the one? Most likely you have noticed car rolling over, drifting, crashing, turning on its side, soaring through the air and car chasing, all tied in action scenes.

The hallmarks of stunt drivers are preparation and specialist knowledge. But how do you match up with these? It all boils down to knowing what it takes to be a stunt driver.

The Skills That Are Essential for Prospective Stunt Drivers

I won’t add “ability to drive” as a requisite for stunt drivers because your ability to drive must have driven your desire to becoming a stunt driver. There are standard moves that must be attained as a stunt driver. Below are the highly most important skills.

Car Stunt Driving Skills

  1. Handbrake turns
  2. Drifting
  3. Driving on two wheels
  4. Flips and Barrel rolls
  5. J-turn
  6. Jumps
  7. Burnouts

Motor Bike Stunt Riding Skills

  1. Riding extremely on a rough ground and props
  2. Jumps, including moving bike around during jumps
  3. Riding on unusual positions
  4. Burnouts

What You Must Learn to be a Stunt Driver

  1. You must have a valid driver’s licenses. It could be a car license or that of a motorbike or that of heavy trucks if need demands for that.
  2. You should be able to use manual gearbox.
  3. It is compulsory that you have basic knowledge of engineering and mechanics.
  4. Familiarizing yourself with car brands and model is important.
  5. You must possess at least some specific skills e.g. drifting and racing which are highly important.
  6. Meet Stunt crews to confirm if there are new openings.
  7. Networking is highly important. Meet movie industries and build a profile for yourself online.
  8. Enroll for car stunt courses if there are in your vicinity.
  9. If the country you live in requires that you belong to an acting union for those working on TV and Films, you must abide.

However, aside the skills that you must possess, there are traits that are a must have for stunt drivers. That moves us to the three most important traits you must cultivate as a stunt driver.

Three Personal Traits You Need to Be a Stunt Driver

These traits are essential, they are embedded in your preparedness and specialist knowledge.

  1. Detail- Oriented.

    Unfortunately, some stunt drivers have died in the course of performing stunts as a result of keeping eyes off details. As a stunt driver, you must pay closer attention to details, no matter how small, whether about the car or props in use.

  2. Concentration and Calmness.

    Stunt drivers experience little or no danger when stunts are executed properly as long as all the props are in the correct position. Yet their tasks are being carried out under pressure. It is then important that they exercise mindfulness meditation, and consistent practice to accomplish clean and perfect stunts.

  3. Team Player.

    This is another sternly point. Stunt drivers do not work alone; they work as a team. There are stunt crews that function as scene creators while the stunt drivers work in the wider production team. Stunt drivers will be handed instructions to follow by stunt coordinators and directors.

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