Best 5 Drivers in Movie History

Best 5 Drivers in Movie History

Best 5 Drivers in Movie History

Stunt drivers are somethings said to be as good as the car they are driving. So also, in movies, the car chase is given character by the stunt driver behind the wheel. There are many movies that have features excellent driving scenes like the Need For Speed franchise which showcases a daredevil driver with amazing skills.

Here are some of the coolest drivers that we have seen in movies who inspire many people to become stunt drivers:

1. Sam in Ronin

Played by Robert DeNiro, this role was quite unforgettable because of the nervous look that Sam always had like he was about to crash! That aside, the commitment and concentration that the character showed during the driving scenes were truly impressive. You can also see some truly amazing gear shifting moves from Sam in this movie.

2. Driver in Drive

Ryan Gosling plays the Driver in this enactment of The Driver movie. While we want to dock some points because it was similar to The Driver movie, the character throws down some truly awesome stunt driver moves that are were pulled off with self-confidence and nerves of steel even when the car undergoes some truly frightening spins.

3. Dominic Toretto in The Fast and The Furious

This Mustang-wielding bad guy was played by Vin Diesel and has probably destroyed the most cars in movie history. All through the Fast and Furious franchise, the moves got bigger, more daring and timeless. Dominic is a fearless street racer, mechanic and driver who pulls off many heists and car rescues that any movie driver list will be complete without a honorable mention.

4. Frank Martin in The Transporter

With a set of unbreakable rules which eventually always get broken, Jason Statham plays Frank Martin. The Transporter series showcases the power and elegance of BMWs and Audis as Frank dodges bullets and henchmen on his way to transporting different goods of the living and non-living variety. This is also another notable movie driver who usually manages to keep his vehicles pristine in the process.

5. Jason Bourne in The Bourne Identity

One of the best parts of watching Jason Bourne’s driving in this movie is that the intellect in controlling the car is palpable. You can always see his eyes shifting with every decision. Use of space, awareness of external factors and the ability to pull off difficult moves in the most mundane Mini Cooper.

Stunt drivers in Hollywood earn the big bucks when they headline successful movies. There are always roles for stunt drivers in movie production in whatever capacity whether big or small. Speak to us today to hook you up with a competent and reliable stunt driver in Atlanta today.

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