Top 10 Picture Cars from The Fast of The Furious 8 Movie

Top 10 Picture Cars from The Fast of The Furious 8 Movie

Top 10 Picture Cars from The Fast of The Furious 8 Movie

The Fast and Furious movies have grown to become one of Hollywood’s finest car-based action franchises that has been in existence for close to 17 years now. The original Fast and Furious movie shot in 2001 and was received with a warm applaud for its ability to pay attention and deliver what the audience were craving in both facets of drama and action.

The Fast and Furious franchise has quickly wriggled its way into our hearts in recent years, quickly becoming a viewing staple for most petrolheads out there, and while we could have guessed that the franchise was going to be successful, we never could have said we saw it becoming this big.

What is the secret for success? The stars, the script, the stunts or the cars?

Well, quite fairly, all of the above, and with the 8th edition of the franchise, the fate of the furious premiered this year, we look back at the top 10 picture cars that made the movie such a exciting thriller that culminated into a visual excellence for most audience. From Dom’s charger to Hobbs’ ice ram, we’ve got them all, and oh, Roman’s orange Lamborghini’s in here too. So in no particular order, here are the 10 best rides from the fate of the furious:

1. Jaguar F-type coupe

The Jaguar F-type coupe is one hot ride for one hot man – Deckard Shaw. Played by Jason Statham, Deckard Shaw sports the incredibly sexy jaguar F-type coupe car that has over 550 horsepower under the hood with a supercharged V8 5-litre engine. Statham plays a brit in the movie and switches from the bad boy crew to partnering with Hobbs and Dom to take down the bad guy/lady. The coupe was launched in 2013 as a successor to the famous E-type and adorns a 2-door, 2-seater design.

2. Mercedes AMG GT

In the world of simple, un-pimped and un-muscled cars, a Benz always stands out for its uniqueness and class. In the furious 8 movies, Tej (Ludacris) is seen handling the wheel of a deliciously-finished matte grey, black striped Mercedes AMG ride. The car also dazes with is attractive black AMG alloys and although we can go on about how stunning the Benz looks; the performance is no child’s play either. The 2014 AMG GT is powered by a 577bhp and 4 litres twin turbo V8 petrol engine with a 2-seater, 2 door fastback design.

3. Subaru BR-Z

The 2017 Subaru BR-Z was specially made in 4 identical units for the Fate of the furious. Out of these 4 simple yet dazzling rides, 3 were confirmed to have survived which is a miracle by Hollywood standards. The Subaru BR-Z is driven by “Little Nobody”, the personal assistant to Mr. Nobody who aids the group in tracking cipher. The Subaru is one of the many cars that is sued in the attempted apprehension of Dominic in the New York city chase.

4. Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

The Chevy Corvette stingray is handled by Letty in the furious 8 thriller. The 1966 coupe sports a 2-door, 2-seater design in its beautiful red paint adorned with black rims and large rubber tyres. The version of the real pro touring vette used for the beauty shot was found somewhere in a barn all genuine, no-engine by the production team, and with enough power being fed to the CC via a Muncie 4-speed transmission alongside Letty’s driving skills, you have an unbeatable combo that makes an interesting picture car.

5. Bentley Continental

Before Roman got acquainted with his swanky orange Lamborghini, the self-proclaimed racing pro is seen in a Bentley coupe, an embodiment of English luxury with a massive custom wheel that is decorated in a dual-tone white and red coat with chrome finish. The 2010 Bentley continental packs 550hp under the hood.

6. The Ice Ram

If a car named the Ice Ram doesn’t immediately bring Dwayne Johnson (Hobbs) to mind, then maybe a submarine will. As expected from a brutish character that is played by Hobbs, the Ice Ram is some sort of vehicle (or not) based on the Ram truck used to gallivant on the ice terrain. Its wheels have all been swapped with tracks and the thing features a roll cage. So Dwayne Johnson-ish.

7. The Ripsaw

Wishes do come true, even when its as brute as driving a war tank. The Ripsaw is a step-up for Tej from the classy and speedier Benz AMG to the ugly and tougher machine needed for the final scenes of bad guys stoppage. While we don’t really know the specifics of this small scale WMD, we know for sure that it got the job done.

8. Lamborghini Murcielago

Ah yes, one of the best ever and most iconic picture cars is Roman’s favoured choice to drive in the closing stages of the movie. How Roman did drive (or not drive) it on ice is something that still evades most of us. The fast and exotic sport car is painted in a distinct screaming orange coat and is powered by a 6.2 litre, V12 engine that sees the ride 100mph from 0 in just 4 seconds.

9. Rally fighter

The Rally fighter is another brutish car for the bad guy and save-the-world scene handled by Letty. The car was custom made for the chase and shows that it means all business with the raise suspension, bull guard, spiked tyres and mounted LED lights. All thumbs to Letty for making good use of this monster.

10. Dodge Ice charger

Save the best for last? Maybe. Dom’s Dodge Ice Charger is the lord of hosts in my opinion in the Fate of the furious cars. The 1968 Dodge charger is custom built with strong steel metal panel and flared body kit that shows a menacing display that definitely made the bad guys quiver. The 4-wheel drive special Ice charger is equipped with spiked tyres and a powerful horsepower under the hood.

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