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Precision Drivers Atlanta is a community of highly-trained drivers working with the highest safety standards, creating specific moments on screen which require one or more cars, motorcycles, trucks, or other vehicle to drive by the camera with pinpoint accuracy. Precision Drivers Atlanta can create any scene, from an exciting car chase on a busy highway to simple flow of traffic down a local street. We now have offices opened in Marietta, Fayetteville, and Savannah to allow us to serve you quicker.

What's the difference between stunt drivers and precision drivers?

We get this question a lot. Stunt drivers in Atlanta differ from precision drivers in the way that they perform the actual stunts that you see on the big screen. A car rolling over, turning on its side, soaring through the air, crashing, drifting, etc... These are all the tasks of a stunt driver in Atlanta. Precision drivers will add a flow of traffic or passing cars, while stunts drivers are in the main spotlight, performing maneuvers to create intense action sequences that not many can pull off. Precision Drivers Atlanta offers only the top stunt drivers around. Your favorite action movie or thrilling car chase scene wouldn't be the same without stunt drivers in Atlanta. We provide highly trained professionals to perform precise and exciting stunts for film, television, and commercials when needed. Stunt driving is dangerous and should only be done by professionally trained stunt drivers in Atlanta. All of our stunt drivers practice the utmost safety and have many years of experience under their belts. They are among the top stunt drivers in the industry, knowing exactly what it takes to make the scene come out perfectly. All of our stunt drivers in Atlanta come with resumes, references and stunt reels so you know exactly what you are getting and can rest assured that you hire a real professional with the experience to make your project shine.

You can be sure that our stunt drivers in Atlanta are among the safest drivers in the industry, boasting outstanding safety records along with accolades which span for miles. All of our drivers follow a simple "safety first" rule, which make them perfect for any job, delivering the peace of mind in knowing you're getting the best. Stunt driving is very dangerous and should only be done by true professionals.

Car chases, crashes, flips, jumps; stunt drivers in Atlanta will do what it takes to get the audience excited and provide the thrills of a lifetime! Precision Drivers Atlanta can produce the expert stunt drivers who know these maneuvers and much, much more. They train hard and are ready to showcase their talents when the camera starts to roll. We work closely with the best stunt drivers in Atlanta to provide you with the stunts that you need, at the exact time you need them, saving you time and money in the long run. Our stunt drivers in Atlanta are all highly trained and practice a safety first method of doing stunts, making them among the top stunt drivers in the business.

Precision Drivers Atlanta also provides Casting Directors with the most complete list of vehicles for projects in movies, television, and commercials. Precision Drivers Atlanta categorizes our members by their vehicle and experience, ensuring a quick and easy search to find exactly what you need.

Precision Drivers Atlanta was created to meet the demand for vehicles that are needed for movies, television, and commercials. Precision drivers Atlanta can earn an amazing amount of money working for TV shows, commercials, and big box office motion pictures. There's always a high demand for Precision Drivers, so Precision Drivers Atlanta aims to be one of the best in the business, having exactly what the shot needs, with the experience to back it up. Precision Drivers Atlanta is here for those who are just starting out or for drivers who have been in the business for many years. There is a great place for your vehicle to be showcased in the entertainment industry, and Precision Drivers Atlanta wants you to have the opportunity to shine on screen and become immortalized through film and television.

There's a reason why the entertainment industry in Georgia is attracting production projects in record numbers. In Georgia, film producers will find one of the most competitive tax incentives programs in the country, along with a broad network of production and recording facilities, a talented workforce, gaming and interactive media developers, and technology and support services. Georgia offers some of the best film and TV tax incentives in the country - an income tax credit of 30% for qualified production expenses - leaving production's companies with more money for their production budget. In other words, Atlanta is one of the largest growing States in the country for the entertainment industry in the last decade and no one would know this more than Precision Drivers Atlanta.

At Precision Drivers Atlanta, you will find a top-caliber crew with quality sources. You will also enjoy the convenience of our good reputation, making it easy to get our members to a production film. Precision Drivers Atlanta team reviews every picture and profile to insure that casting directors can search exactly what they are looking for, and when they need it. With Precision Drivers Atlanta, you know you're getting the highest quality Drivers, just when you need them.

If you have years of experience and training we want you join Precision Drivers Atlanta. Just one year of experience will allow you to open a door to our company, granting you Precision Drivers Atlanta will find you the best casting and production films in Atlanta. Precision Driving Atlanta takes safety first. There are certain maneuvers on set that can be done by a trained precision driver and other that should only be done by a stunt driver.

Precision Drivers Atlanta is also about helping to create a certain era using restored cars of that timeline. If you own a restored car that is a classic we want you to join Precision Drivers Atlanta too. There is always a movie that requires that special car to ensure that a timeline comes to life. On a movie set you need all types of cars to make the stunt of scene more believable. Movies always had the car chases included in them.

Movies are the magic doorways to the imagination, and Precision Drivers Atlanta helps to create that special moment in a film that simply takes a hold of you and won't let go.

Atlanta Precision Drivers growth in movie industry and the other media industries are growing more in number. With excellent accommodations, restaurants, and a moderate climate year-round, Georgia is the ideal place for feature film, broadcast or commercial TV production. That gives Precision Drivers Atlanta the opportunity to work with the most recognized production films and professional support to make any size production a true success.

The search for precision drivers is growing in Atlanta. We invite you to what many producers, location scouts, directors, editors, and other industry professionals have known for years: in Georgia, the film and video industry means business, and the Precision Drivers of Atlanta is ready to meet your every need.