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Welcome to Precision Drivers of Atlanta!

Precision Drivers Atlanta is a community of highly-trained Drivers that work with the highest safety to create a car chase on a highway or a simple traffic on a local street.  Precision Drivers Atlanta also provides Casting Directors with the most complete database of vehicles for projects in movies, Televisions, and commercials. Precision Drivers Atlanta categorizes our members by their vehicle and experience.

Precision Drivers Atlanta was created to meet the demand for vehicles that are needed for movies, television, and commercials. Precision drivers Atlanta can earn good money working for TV shows, commercials, and box office movies. Precision Drivers Atlanta is here for the people who are just starting out or have been in the business for years. There is a place for your vehicle to be used in the entertainment industry, and Precision Drivers Atlanta wants you to have the opportunity to be in the entertainment industry.

There’s a reason why the entertainment industry in Georgia is attracting production projects in record numbers. In Georgia, film producers will find one of the most competitive tax incentives programs in the country, along with a broad network of production and recording facilities, a talented workforce, gaming and interactive media developers, and technology and support services. Georgia offers some of the best film and TV tax incentives in the country – an income tax credit of 30% for qualified production expenses – leaving production’s companies with more money for their production budget. In another words, Atlanta is one of the largest growing States in the country for the entertainment industry in the last decade.

At Precision Drivers Atlanta, you will find top-caliber crew and sources. You will also enjoy the convenience of the good reputation, making it easy to get our members to a production film.Precision Drivers Atlanta team reviews every picture and profile to insure that casting directors can search exactly what they are looking for, and when they need it.

If you have year of experience and training we want you join Precision Drivers Atlanta. Precision Drivers Atlanta will find you the best casting and production films in Atlanta.

Precision Drivers Atlanta is also about helping to create a certain era using restored cars of that timeline. If you own a restored car that is a classic we want you to join Precision Drivers Atlanta too. There is always a movie that requires that special car to ensure that a timeline comes to life. On a movie set you need all types of car to make the stunt of scene more believable. Movies always had the car chases included in them. Movies are nothing but an entertainment media that take the viewers to a great new world. None can imagine the scenes to be done in real life. So, human minds get absorbed in the scenes of car chasing, which also ensures the movie hitting the box office.

Atlanta Precision Drivers growth in movie industry and the other media industries are growing more in number. With excellent accommodations, restaurants, and a moderate climate year-round, Georgia is the ideal place for feature film, broadcast or commercial TV production. That gives Precision Drivers Atlanta the opportunity to work with the most recognized production films and professional support to make any size production a true success.
The search for precision drivers is growing in Atlanta. We invite you to what many producers, location scouts, directors, editors, and other industry professionals have known for years: in Georgia, the film and video industry means business, and the Precision Drivers of Atlanta is ready to meet your every need.
Precision Drivers of Atlanta was designed for you! Precision Drivers Atlanta brings the world of Driving to the entire entertainment industry!